Manhattan College Brings Renewable Energy to Puerto Rico

Former NYPD Chief of Detectives Phil Pulaski retired from the NYPD during March 2014 after more than 33 years of dedicated service. Phil Pulaski received a Juris Doctor Degree in 1980 from St. John’s University School of Law and a Master of Laws (LLM) advanced law degree from Touro Law School in 2017. He practiced law privately and for the NYPD for more than 35 years. Before going to law school at night, Phil Pulaski received a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering in 1974 and Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering in 1975 from Manhattan College, Bronx NY. Phil Pulaski worked as an engineer for the US Environmental Protection Agency for 4 years prior to joining the NYPD on September 2, 2019.

During June 2013, Phil Pulaski delivered the keynote address at the 61st annual Environmental Engineering Alumni Club dinner at Manhattan College in Riverdale, New York, where he was honored for his more than 30 years of public service. In the audience were nearly 100 faculty members, graduate students, and alumni from the Manhattan College School of Engineering.

In 2018, a team of students from the Manhattan College School of Engineering led by chemical engineering professor Gennaro Maffia initiated the Water and Solar Power (WASP) project in Añasco City, an area of Puerto Rico still recovering from the after-effects of Hurricane Maria. The group focused on restoring reliable water and electricity access to Colegio De La Salle, a local school serving students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

During the first phase of the project, engineering students undertook preliminary measurements to ready the site for a solar grid, and developed a plan for installing a water tank. As the chemical engineering department implements plans to offer service learning trips over the next few years to complete the project, Manhattan College students have launched a fundraiser to support WASP and other initiatives in Puerto Rico.