Ways to Support the International Association of Chiefs of Police


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Leadership in Police Organization
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During March 2014, Phil Pulaski retired as Chief of Detectives of the NYPD with more than 33 years of law enforcement experience including 22 years of executive experience managing patrol, investigative, counterterrorism, community affairs, quality of life, traffic and other public safety operations. As Chief Detectives, Phil Pulaski was responsible for more than 3,600 personnel who, during 2013, investigated more than 256,000 felony and misdemeanor crimes (including 335 homicides), and arrested more than 39,000 offenders. Additionally, Phil Pulaski significantly re-engineered the Detective Bureau and implemented innovative new investigative operations, forensic initiatives, case management protocols, integrity programs, and computer database systems.

Phil Pulaski is currently serving on the command staff of the Miami Beach PD and is commanding officer of the Criminal Investigations Section. Phil Pulaski is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and actively participates in the Forensic Committee and the Police Investigative Operations Committee. Phil Pulaski has given presentations at several IACP annual conferences and mid-year conferences on a variety of law enforcement topics.

The IACP operates a foundation that assists law enforcement officers and their families, especially after sustaining physical and psychological injuries due to the dangerous nature of their work. The IACP offers support to officers and their spouses and dependents throughout the world. People can help support the foundation’s efforts through their memberships, monetary contributions, or by attending IACP-sponsored events, like the foundation’s annual gala. The IACP Foundation accepts donations from the general public and members alike on a one-time or recurring basis. Stock or bond certificates are another way to give. Some donors choose to leave gifts to the IACP in their wills or by hosting fundraising events. You can learn more about the IACP and its foundation by visiting www.theiacp.org.